Thursday, 21 June 2012

Don't Tell Me What To Do

So today I figured out why i don't participate in team sports, and it's because i HATE people telling me what to do. "Run there". No thank-you. "Pass the ball". Well what if i don't want to? If I throw the ball and someone in the other team catches it, it was probably because I wanted them too. And there are always people yelling at you and i just want to scream at them and say "well why don't you do it yourself then?" Seriously SHUT UP! Your so annoying! And the practices are always the most inconvenient times, right when there is something else that you would rather be doing. And usually I don't really like the people in my team anyway. Either they are too loud, or show-offy and I want to hit them in the face with a steel chair. I'd rather do a sport that doesn't require much thinking, like shopping or eating (and yes i DO count eating as a real sport).

Monday, 18 June 2012

So occasionally i like to write poems and sometimes they are not half bad if i do say so myself. Heres one of my favourites:

I'm Shy, Deal with It

Why oh why must I be so shy?
If i wanted to, really wanted too
I couldn't talk to you no matter how hard i try,
All I manage to say is "hi" or "bye"
But even then I stumble when I try to talk,
then all I can do is weakly smile with a feeble wave.
Its like i'm living in a world made of chalk,
everything so 2 dimensional as you notice those other girls,
when they giggle and twist their ribbon infested hair
You look at them because they capture your attention,
whilst I sit in the corner watching you over my book,
You look at me, I look away,
and like a goldfish, i'm forgotten.
You think i'm weird, a FREAK! when you see me look,
 but i'm really hoping that you'll look into my eyes
And see me for what I truly am, someone real, not fake
like those other girls you follow around like a lost puppy
Your under their spell, why can't you see?
Its me you need to finally be free
Then I see you, hand in hand with one of THEM
And i realize, why didn't I before?
I don't need you, you need me.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Seriously? Why would someone go and make up a thing like "YOLO"? "You only live once"? Well DUH!!!! Didn't we already know that? We're not cats people! We don't need to let the whole world know how long we are going to live because they already know! We didn't need to abbreviate it. "You only live once" i think its more like "you obviously lack originality".

Why Raisins and Cookies do NOT mix

Why don't raisins and cookies mix do you ask? Because you cannot have something healthy in a cookie, that just completely defeats the purpose of a cookie. A cookie is supposed to be unhealthy, full of sugar and (if your like me and partial to a subway cookie) it could possibly give you diabetes, but you don't care because its a COOKIE! So if you go and put raisins in there then you making the cookie half unhealthy and half healthy, and if you have a mum who tells you that raisins cookies are good for you don't whatever you do don't believe her! If you go to school with raisins in them everyone else is going to think that they have chocolate chips in them and become your best friend. Then when they realize that those aren't chocolate chips, that they are in fact raisins, you gonna get beat up and left to hang on flag pole by your undies.