Sunday, 17 June 2012

Why Raisins and Cookies do NOT mix

Why don't raisins and cookies mix do you ask? Because you cannot have something healthy in a cookie, that just completely defeats the purpose of a cookie. A cookie is supposed to be unhealthy, full of sugar and (if your like me and partial to a subway cookie) it could possibly give you diabetes, but you don't care because its a COOKIE! So if you go and put raisins in there then you making the cookie half unhealthy and half healthy, and if you have a mum who tells you that raisins cookies are good for you don't whatever you do don't believe her! If you go to school with raisins in them everyone else is going to think that they have chocolate chips in them and become your best friend. Then when they realize that those aren't chocolate chips, that they are in fact raisins, you gonna get beat up and left to hang on flag pole by your undies.


  1. OMG i hate this too!!!! my mum always does it :( not cool...


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  2. Haha Ellen you could always give me some for free :P