Monday, 18 June 2012

So occasionally i like to write poems and sometimes they are not half bad if i do say so myself. Heres one of my favourites:

I'm Shy, Deal with It

Why oh why must I be so shy?
If i wanted to, really wanted too
I couldn't talk to you no matter how hard i try,
All I manage to say is "hi" or "bye"
But even then I stumble when I try to talk,
then all I can do is weakly smile with a feeble wave.
Its like i'm living in a world made of chalk,
everything so 2 dimensional as you notice those other girls,
when they giggle and twist their ribbon infested hair
You look at them because they capture your attention,
whilst I sit in the corner watching you over my book,
You look at me, I look away,
and like a goldfish, i'm forgotten.
You think i'm weird, a FREAK! when you see me look,
 but i'm really hoping that you'll look into my eyes
And see me for what I truly am, someone real, not fake
like those other girls you follow around like a lost puppy
Your under their spell, why can't you see?
Its me you need to finally be free
Then I see you, hand in hand with one of THEM
And i realize, why didn't I before?
I don't need you, you need me.

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