Thursday, 21 June 2012

Don't Tell Me What To Do

So today I figured out why i don't participate in team sports, and it's because i HATE people telling me what to do. "Run there". No thank-you. "Pass the ball". Well what if i don't want to? If I throw the ball and someone in the other team catches it, it was probably because I wanted them too. And there are always people yelling at you and i just want to scream at them and say "well why don't you do it yourself then?" Seriously SHUT UP! Your so annoying! And the practices are always the most inconvenient times, right when there is something else that you would rather be doing. And usually I don't really like the people in my team anyway. Either they are too loud, or show-offy and I want to hit them in the face with a steel chair. I'd rather do a sport that doesn't require much thinking, like shopping or eating (and yes i DO count eating as a real sport).

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